Anti-graffiti Removal Wipes
Detag Anti-graffiti REMOVAL WIPES

Anti-graffiti – Removal wipes


  • Ease of use for all places and circumstances.
  • Efficient for use on most materials and coatings.
  • Quickly remove fresh graffiti.
  • Help preserve the appearance of exposed surfaces.
The Anti-graffiti Removal Wipes are made of cellulose/ polypropylene and feature an abrasive and a soft side. Recommended for treating non-porous, inert and smooth surfaces. The wipes are saturated with a citrus-base detergent solution, are alcohol free and do not contain aggressive solvents. They quickly and efficiently remove even the most stubborn graffiti. Packaged in a convenient bucket, our product becomes the fastest, most modern and practical way to remove graffiti without hefty and costly operations.


Anti-graffiti Wipes for treating non-porous, inert and smooth surfaces

The Anti-graffiti removal wipes help restore the appearance of those surfaces vandalised and deteriorated by graffiti.


Instructions for use

  • Horizontally pull a wipe out of the bucket through the pre-cut area. Take it off with a firm and straight pull.
  • Tightly close the lid of the bucket so that the wipes inside do not dry.
  • Scrub the surface with the abrasive side of the wipe until graffiti is removed. Then, wipe clean the surface with the other side.
  • If marks are stubborn, pre-dampen the surface using the wipe and let act for some minutes before scrubbing.
  • Use as many wipes as needed.
  • Allow to air dry.

Fields of application

Showcases, telephone booths, metal blinds, advertising billboards and road/traffic signs, station halls, trucks and public transport vehicles, etc.


Main components

  • Fatty esters
  • Non-ionic surfactants
  • Distilled orange
  • Excipients

Characteristic physico-chemical properties

  • Physical state: impregnated wipes
  • Colour: orange
  • Odour: citrus


  • Wear butyl rubber safety gloves
  • Never place inside the mouth
  • Avoid inhaling
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Keep container tightly closed


In original package, protected from heat, frost and ice as well as the elements.




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