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Products and Services for the Restoration and Conservation of Historical Heritage Buildings.

Innovation and Technology

Analyze IT, Clean IT and Protect IT is at the basis of a successful restoration of building and natural stone.

IBIX Mobile Lab
Mobile Lab

The new IBIX BIOCARE KIT is designed to carry our analysis before and after intervention.

Trilogy Pulitura Conservativa

The best tool in the area of micro selective low-pressure e cleaning.

Protect Dry elimina l'umidità da risalita
Protect Dry

IBIX Protect DRY is a best solution to get rid of rising damp.

Protect IT
Protect IT

Water and oil resistant impregnation sealer for building surface.

Protect ITR
Protect ITR

Water and oil resistant impregnation sealer for natural stone.

Essenzio antimuschio naturale

Natural Moss killer created with essential oils and designed to work on all kinds of surfaces.

IBIX Desal estrattore di sali

Natural Salt Extractor removes salts of all kinds stuck in the wall.


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