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i-protect W


  • Particulary suitable for wooden surfaces, structural wood elements and non-treated wood floors 
  • Prevents ingress of water, oil and solvents 
  • Offers exceptional protection against harmful effects of irradiation from UV rays, (chromatic alteration, wood cracking effects) 
  • Allows the surface to breathe 
  • Contains zero V.O.C. 
  • 8-years quality warranty* 
* Warranty is granted by the manufacturer after delivery of the technical documentation and compliance with the requirements contained in the: www.ibixbiocare.it

i-protect W is impregnation sealer for wood

  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces/ indoors and outdoors 
  • B.B.A. approved and CE marked 
  • It does not alter the aesthetic of the treated surface (invisible protection) or change its colour. 
  • It protects wood from the harmful effects of UV radiation such as chromatic alterations, cracking, loss of nutrients that guarantee the natural elasticity of wood.


  • Always make a test on a small hidden portion of the substrate before applying. 
  • Any cracks shall be preliminarily repaired with appropriate mortars or mixtures, depending on the kind of substrate. 
  • The humidity content should be less than 12% to a depth of 1cm. 
  • The surface to be treated must be clean, without traces of dust, dirt, oil, efflorescences, mold or similar, old painting. For optimal cleaning of the substrate we recommend the use of a selective micro aeroabrasion with IBIX SPECIAL CLEANING system to remove any residue of dirt, spores, mold and old paints. 
  • In case of the presence of mold, mosses or lichens the support must be pre-treated with an eco-friendly water-based product, ESSENZIO, mixture of essential oils in synergy with each other, mainly: extract of oregano (Origanum vulgare) and thyme (Thymus vulgaris).


  • Offers effective protection against all weather conditions, dirt, dust and stains. 
  • Reduces surface degradation by avoiding the adhesion of atmospheric contaminants to treated support. With i-protect W the surface remains impervious to moisture and water-vapour. 
  • Restricts the appearance of moss and lichen 
  • It helps to reduce ordinary maintenance on the treated surface and its costs. 
  • Exceptional protection against UV rays (>8 years), does not turn yellow, prevents wood from greying. 
  • It is not flammable. It’s not toxic. It’s environmentally friendly. 
  • Easy to apply to any surface and you can use the surface within 1 hour of application. 
  • It has a high penetration capacity of approx. 10mm. Factor that leads i-protect W to be classified in Class I among hydrophobic sealers (BS EN 1504-2). 
  • Suitable for walkable surfaces. 
  • It offers excellent graffiti resistance, avoiding the absorption of paints in the support allowing it to be removed with ecological BIO REMOVER, VEGEGRAF by IBIX BIOCARE. After removal, hydrophobic protection is preserved. 


  • i-protect W cannot be re-applied after curing as there will be a loss of adhesion. 
  • Check that the paints used have adequate absorption characteristics (water-based paints). 


Ensure application is from bottom to top on vertical surfaces taking care not to let the product run. Any subsequent applications must be applied “wet on wet”.


  • Porous wood: 2-5 sqm/ltr 
  • Low porosity wood: 8-16 sqm/ltr • Non-treated wood floors: 5-8 sqm/ltr 
*Coverage can vary depending on the porosity of the wooden essence. 


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